Les Petites Hirondelles: poetic & benevolent objects

Surrounded by mountains, Corinne locally manufactures in Haute-Savoie near Annecy, beautiful poetic wooden objects for children & their parents. His illustrations are light, pop or pastel, inspired by the childish universe (his 3 little girls, his 3 swallows), but also by the environment that surrounds him, nature. Her creations are decorative, playful or educational, because she also wishes to offer parents supports in a positive education process.

Noble local materials for more environmentally friendly products. She enjoys working with natural and minimally processed materials, and is committed to offering sustainable and eco-responsible items. She turned to paper, for its incomparable feel, fabric, for its infinite textures, and wood, for its warmth.

42 €

Wooden Cloud Scrapbook

The little swallows

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