The Pimponette workshop

PIMPONETTE is a workshop of creation of bags and accessories to personalize in line with its photo. Olivia BOUACHON creates her models of exclusive bags, makes her accessories in a traditional way in Provence.

It offers a tailor-made service, which allows you to design the bag or accessory of your dreams, the gift that will touch whoever receives it, unlike any other. A wide range of variations is offered to let everyone care for their favorite photo as a small table, surrounded by knots, sequins and various braids.

In her boutique shop in the heart of the village of Châteauneuf du Pape, Olivia welcomes you and advises in the creation and customization of your choice. Everything is made available to become the craftsman of your own creation and offer a unique gift of exception.

« On the spot, the fabrics, braids and knots twirl on the bags, pouches and other accessories! If you're passing by, just take a quick look just for fun! »

The story of Pimponette

Since always Olivia BOUACHON, creator of the brand Pimponette, is passionate about everything that is "handmade", tailor-made. His sensitivity is expressed through unique pieces, embroidering colors, threads, fabrics and ribbons to stage the photos.

« When you love to sew and embroider, going through the door of a haberdashery is a real pleasure that calls for creativity ».

One step at a time, at the birth of her daughter, she sets herself the challenge of offering her creations online: very personal and refined photo gifts, to offer and to offer herself on any occasion, where every piece is made in France in small series. She imagines a very intimate universe where the accessory is charged with emotion.

This story takes the name of PIMPONETTE with obviousness: the sobriquet that she fondly loves for her little one.

Handmade confection

The photos, stripes, knots and rhinestones are then affixed meticulously, on demand tailor-made, by his little expert hands, to give all the originality to the creations, so that each piece becomes unique.

The signature PIMPONETTE, discreet and subtle, symbolizes its qualitative commitment.

All PIMPONETTE items are entirely made by hand, with delicacy by craftsmen in love with the beautiful work.

PIMPONETTE gives a great place to the nobility of the materials. With a great care for the sense of detail that makes the difference, she selects the finest fabrics, delicate silks, refined damask with shimmering reflections, she diverts silky and sparkling upholstery stripes, she declines a wide range of shades of ribbon ... to adorn each photo as a small painting.

This ensures:

  • Elegant cuts
  • Neat finishes
  • Rigorous seams
  • A perfect saddler finish on the leather
  • The label "Made in France"

PIMPONETTE is committed to making all of its products in France.

She has developed close relationships with talented craftsmen, professionals of great know-how, in search of quality sewing with care and passions the fabric and the leather, according to the know-how proper to PIMPONETTE.

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