Customization of your bags and accessories

Pimponette proposes on its bags and accessories of creator and of artisanal manufacture, the possibility to personalize them. So, according to your tastes, desires or opportunities, you can become the craftsman of your own creation to offer a unique piece handmade in France. Pimponette is a sewing workshop: for each choice of customization, the visual is transferred onto fabric, sewn on the article, surrounded by a stitched ribbon and a knot.

Each order is specially prepared for you in the Chateauneuf du Pape workshop in Provence.

  1. Choose an article among those offered:
    bags, pouches, cushions, toiletry bags, travel bag, health book, photo album, covered bb ... .declined in many fabrics.
  2. Choose a braid:
    the trimmings of French tradition used to crimp the photo, allow (while hiding the edges) to highlight as a small table. Another finishing is also proposed according to the articles, the stitched stitch zig zag with contour pre-printed.
  3. Choose a node:
    the grosgrain knot is the signature of the sponglet. It brings elegance and femininity to each creation ... but it is not mandatory!
  4. Choose you picture:
    the personalization takes its meaning in the visual which will arouse the emotion of the one to whom the gift is intended.
    Photo: photo of baby, photo of children, children, grandchildren, holiday memories, skewers of girlfriends, our friends the animals ... everything is about emotion. Upload your photo in .jpg format. If you specify it in the commentary, we can transform the photo that is in color to black and white or sepia.
    Text: First name, first names of children, all grandchildren for grandma, names of lovers, first names of the bride and groom for their wedding gift, nickname, little humorous text ... name of a destination or a dream ... the inspiration is to you!
    Initials: initials of your name & first name, of those of lovers, married, children ... do not hesitate to consult us for any desire or questioning.

Congratulations! Once these steps are validated, you have become the artisan of your own creation. We only have to prepare your order as soon as possible.

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