Organic Tea - Collab Félicie Aussi x Greenma

Félicie Aussi, a young Parisian brand known for its offbeat humor, has collaborated with GREENMA, the French green lifestyle brand of organic Teas and Infusions part of a real environmental approach:

Plant suppliers: selected according to a strict quality charter without skimping on the taste and visual quality of the products in order to always offer you a good product, which tempts you and which is (of course) organic.
Made in France: 80% of our infusion plants are French and come from pickers. It is important for us to promote local agriculture and guarantee as little transport as possible to limit the environmental impact. We have wonderful plants, let's support them!
Organic certification: all GreenMa products have obviously been certified organic by the independent organization ECOCERT.
Zero plastic commitment: This commitment is essential: from packaging to sending packages.
Zero waste approach: packaging in anti-UV smoked glass jars to preserve the aromas and best preserve the plants.

11 €
11 €

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