In Norman patois, “gllu” means rye straw on Norman cottages

Behind this funny little name hides Baptiste, a great enthusiast.
After studying cabinetmaking, design and several years working on the design of objects, the idea of creating and manufacturing your own creations matured.
“I no longer wanted to be just a designer but also a manufacturer, to be able to follow the entire life cycle of the product. He then moved to Normandy, his native region, to found gllu in early 2018. Today, he is accompanied by a happy team of 9 people: 4 confirmed cabinetmakers, 3 apprentice cabinetmakers, an order picker and a Communication.
The Gllu brand was born from the desire to be able to create and manufacture in France in Normandy objects with a simple and effective design, with quality materials, local solid woods, in small series and at a fair price.

When Gllu imagines a new product, it means that a new need has been identified: displaying memories, cards or printed photos, hanging a bouquet of dried flowers on the wall...

Gllu products are made to be loved and to last.
They are unique pieces and customers also make them unique by the compositions they create on them. These are media on which everyone is free to express their personality and their universe.

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