GORILLA Elastic Silicone Shoelaces

At Gorilla, silicone expertise is a family affair. Already at the head of a family industry specializing in the manufacturing of silicone parts, located north of Lyon for more than 45 years, Guillaume and his wife Hélène are embarking on a new adventure in 2020. After purchasing the operating licenses, they decided to promote this innovation and created their own brand of elastic silicone laces: Gorilla.

Currently only Sport laces are produced near Lyon, while Sneaker laces are produced in Spain. But they are keen to equip themselves in their factories to manufacture at home in France.

A small revolution to make everyday life more practical! The key words are:
- Optimal comfort and support thanks to shape memory elasticity. Shape memory is the ability of a material to return to its initial shape after being deformed.
- Strong and durable, wear-resistant; They are designed to last longer than traditional laces and be repositioned on other shoes.
- Easy, put on and take off your shoes as much as you want without retying your laces.

Fall for these elastic silicone laces which adapt to the shape of your feet for absolute comfort. And since everyone wears Sneakers, you are guaranteed to make an original gift that will please!!!

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