Nilaï Paris Jewelry

Nilaï is a Parisian brand of designer jewelry which bears the name of its creator who grew up on the banks of the Bosphorus. Nilaï is a Turkish first name which means "moon of the Nile".

The company is more than 10 years old, the team is 100% female and multicultural. It has obtained the “Made in Paris” label and employs almost exclusively intramural service providers. With rock and bohemian chic accents, the collections are crafted with delicacy and refinement.

Because they accompany you all day like little talismans, these jewels are made by hand in the Parisian workshop of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Gilded with fine 24K gold or silver finish on a brass base, they are water and time resistant. The stones, come expressly from India and chosen with care, are completely natural.

Beaded bracelets, necklaces decorated with stones, smooth or hammered bangles, cuffs and even necklaces. We make the jewel our own, we wear it every day like a second skin, a talisman, a lucky charm.

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