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Regenerating Honey 250ML / Floral & Gourmet

Panier des Sens en Provence has been developing its product expertise for nearly 20 years, drawing on the unique know-how of Marseille master soap makers and Grasse perfumers. The formulas with a minimum of 95% of natural and vegan origin are designed and manufactured in Provence, favoring short circuits and local partnerships. A brand committed to sustainable values: Ethical sourcing, Vegan friendly, natural cosmetics, Grasse perfumes, French manufacture, eco-design.

Produced and packaged in the heart of Provence by Panier des Sens en Provence - Made in France

Formula containing 96% ingredients of natural origin
This shower oil turns into a generous foam on contact with water, easy to rinse off, to gently cleanse the skin while preserving its natural balance.
Active ingredients:

ORGANIC SWEET ALMOND EXTRACT FROM PROVENCE Soothing Covered in a soft green velvet skin, the almond, both tender and delicious, has been used since antiquity for its cosmetic properties. Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, it is known to soothe and soften the skin while preserving its hydrolipidic film.

SOOTHING SWEET ALMOND OIL Rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid naturally present in our skin, Sweet Almond oil nourishes and protects the skin. Thanks to its composition rich in saturated fatty acids and oleic acid, Sweet Almond oil softens the skin and protects it from drying out, giving it a velvety feel.

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