Girl surprise box

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Girl box

The surprise bag takes us back decades: we found it in bakeries and also in gas stations on the way to vacation. Excitement, wonder, we remember it as if it were yesterday ... The NailmaTeam preciously keeps its child's soul with these pouches for all the holidays: back to school, birthday, pajama party, picnic, holidays or just for the pleasure of making people happy! Each Princess pouch contains: a nailmatic Kids water-based varnish: Bella (pale pink) or Cookie (pink)? Surprise... 1 box of 12 colored pencils 1 sheet of nailmatic tattoos (dermatologically tested) a 100% biodegradable latex balloon a homemade Barnier lollipop (random flavor: cola, strawberry, cherry or apple. Cone height: 27 cm Base: 11 cm 100% Kids nail polish, 100% giggles! Formulated on a water basis, our varnishes are specially designed for children. Magic: easy to apply, they disappear with warm soapy water or directly in the bath. Guaranteed without organic solvents, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, fragrance. Don't try. Dermatologically tested.

Product families: Natural cosmetic, Cruelty free, Made in France, Not tested on animals, Without Conservative agent, without paraben, Vegan free

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