Fouta Beach Towel

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Real Fouta honeycomb handcrafted, try it is adopt!

This beach towel is ultra-lightweight and super absorbent. Fouta is from Tunisia. She used Hamman's light bath towel and quick drying.

This beach towel is an original gift to man ... and that does not take up space in the luggage! The fouta is used at the beach, pool or house in bath towel, plaid or tablecloth.

. Fouta honeycomb stripes at the ends
. Color: sand with silver lurex stripes
. Material: 100% cotton
. Weight: 540gr
. Dimension: 100x200cm

Offer the Fouta as a trendy beach towel as an original gift Man, as a gift Daddy!

Product families: Bath towel, Beach towel, Fouta, Lurex fouta, Fouta honeycomb, Beach Fouta, Foutas, Bath towel, Beach towel

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