Boncoeurs Cross grigri

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Grigri BONCOEURS Cross in brass on lurex thread

The bewitching universe of the Lyonnaise Boncoeurs brand. A gri-gri is a small magic object on which we project positive thoughts, which protects or brings good luck… The Boncoeurs charms are made of pure brass, they are charged with the good “Mana”, spiritual power, hence the letter “M " above ! A pleasure to wear or to offer.

  • Brass necklace on cord.
  • Figurine mounted on cotton cord and gold thread, the color is random.
  • Dimension: star 3 x 3 cm - cord about 50cm

You will never leave this charm around your neck! Lucky, it will elegantly match all your outfits.

Product families: Brass jewelry, Boncoeurs, Concept Store, Cross, Grigri, Lucky necklace

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