Straw basket

Customized: 79 € TTC
With picture, text or initials
Pimponette : 69 € TTC
Non-personalized product

Beach Basket

Adopt or offer this so chic basket with its tricolor band: original personalized gift! Wicker, it is also convenient to go to the beach or the pool ... than to shop at the market! For a unique gift, personalize the name of his first name, destination of holidays, name of the family house ....

Wicker basket
Not closed
Size: approximately L 60 x D 18 x H 35cm
Handheld or shoulders
Double handles in natural leather: one hand carried 11cm and a shoulder of 33 cm
Worn shoulder and worn
Vertical tricolor strip: in the trend made in France
Customized with your text or burlap plate "Pimponette"

Product families: Gift man, Chateauneuf du Pape, Large wicker basket, Original present idea, Beach Basket, Wicker basket, custom wicker basket

Shipped within 4 days

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