Box I Love You Chouchou - Artisanal & Organic

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Box I Love you Chouchou

Jolis Baumes is a young brand offering organic cosmetics made in an artisanal way in Auvergne. Formulated by aromatherapists, naturopaths and herbalists, handcrafted in Auvergne, and Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert. All ingredients are organic and bought in France when possible. The packaging is minimalist, in recycled kraft paper or amber glass. To take care of yourself and our planet gently. To say I love you. To our Darling, our best friend who lives far away, to our Grandpa whom we love with love and who locks himself up because of Covid, to our teenager who spends his studies, his life in front of his computer ... in short to all those who make our daily life, near or far, and to whom we do not say enough that we care. In a black cardboard box, which you can use to store your treasures. Closed by a band printed in Auvergne, designed by Catherine Levray, our graphic designer mompreneur.

This box contains:

A Konjac SPONGE: Natural and plant-based, konjac is a Japanese plant, compostable and part of a zero waste approach. Offers a light exfoliation & a gentle massage, activates microcirculation, thus providing more radiance and clarity. It allows cleaning and makeup removal, and can be used with or without soap.

A SOAP n ° 2 Chouchou: Very mild soap & shampoo, without essential oils. Cold saponification, artisanal production in Auvergne. Certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert & under the Slow Cosmétique mention. Rich in Shea & Castor.

A small organic bag: Slip your soap in to carry it, or to replace the washcloth with a light scrub effect. This bag allows you to use the tiny bits of soap. Souvenir, treasure, jewelry, soap bag etc.

A Howlite BRACELET: Semi-precious stone with protective virtues (the stone of the Shamans), facilitating communication for strong characters, and for its ability to offer stability and patience. Allows you to experience your feelings in longevity, love and serenity. & Solid shampoo, konjac sponge, organic cotton pouch, Bien Etre bracelet

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