Knit Baby Booties & Toys

Celebrate the birth of baby with an original baby gift. Before baby can tip the tip of his nose, on the occasion of a baby shower, give the future mom baby knit baby booties, basket baby girl or boy ... for a future gift mom, baby shower gift that will wait until the big day, and perhaps put them at the feet of the Christmas tree. As soon as the big day arrives, offer as an original birth gift, this baby girl or boy knit basket: baby booties as delightful as comfortable for Baby.

Toys and decorative objects for the nursery are also available: angels, turtles, blankets ...

These books are handmade crocheted in Provence for Pimponette, in the tradition of our grandmothers! To celebrate the arrival of a newborn, offer baby booties, turtles or angels decoration for his room ... the handcrafted crochet work will always be appreciated.

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28 €
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Baby Blue Crochet Turtle


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