Coup de coeur 

The Bubble collection sparkles the season : it's a real favorite! With round gold and navy motifs, refinement is in the spotlight. The Bubble pattern melts all the fans of the navy blue he knows sublimate, like any aficionados.

Adorned with a small bow or personalized according to your desires or gifts to make, Bubble fabric comes in slim bag, toiletry bag, make-up pouch and purse.

125 € 140 €

Custom Shoulder Bag - Bubble

Lilou Bag customized
22 €

Bubble glasses case

Glasses case
23 €

Bubble wallet

25 € 35 €

Bubble Make-up bag

Makeup Bag customized
70 € 85 €

Bubble Custom Pouch Bag

Pocket bag customized
55 € 65 €

Bubble woman Toilet bag

Toilet Bag customized

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